Infertility: Diagnosis, Management and IVF

Infertility: Diagnosis, Management and IVF
By Anil K. Dubey
Jaypee Medical Publishers, New Delhi, India 2012

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Full Papers (Limited to IVF/ART Field)

Ambroggio J, Dayal M, Khaldi,R. Peak D , Frankfurter,D. Gindoff P. Dubey, A.K. Blastomere Multinucleation on Day 2 Post Egg Retrieval in In Vitro Fertilization Cycles Predicts an Increased Risk for Aneuploidy. Fertility and Sterility:96:856-859, 2011

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* Chapters in published book and articles, video presentation as well as abstracts are not all listed here due to length of page. This can be provided upon inquiry. 

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